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RaceTech Nexus

RaceTech Nexus

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Elevate your racing simulator experience with this high-performance USB Button Box, a versatile tool for any simulator enthusiast. Designed with a sleek and unique 3D-printed body in high-quality PLA, this control box measures a compact 175x167x41 mm, making it a perfect fit for any setup.


Key Features:


- **20 Functional Inputs**: A plethora of controls at your fingertips to enhance your in-game precision and efficiency.


- **5 Rocker Toggle Switches with LED Indicators**: Feel the thrill of real-time control, complete with visual feedback from bright LED indicators.


- **Metal Start Engine Button with Red LED**: Start your engines with a satisfying click, illuminated by a striking red LED for that authentic cockpit feel.


- **11 Momentary Buttons**: Quick and responsive, these buttons ensure every command is executed flawlessly.


- **Specialized Button with Guard**: One of the momentary buttons is safeguarded by a protective guard, preventing accidental presses and adding an extra layer of realism.


- **1 Rotary Encoder with Push Button Functionality**: This multi-functional encoder allows for nuanced control, perfect for fine-tuning settings on the fly.

Whether you're weaving through tight corners on a racetrack or navigating through other simulation scenarios, this USB button box offers unparalleled control and immersion. It's not just an accessory; it's your key to a more authentic and exhilarating simulation experience. Get ready to race like a pro!

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